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Alpha Omega Design wants to build your next website. Our customers include local churches, national churches, local ministries, national ministries, non-profits, and small businesses. We would love to talk with you about your church or small business web design needs. Visit our contact page and lets get started on your project today!

Use of tablet or “mobile” devices is surpassing desktop PC’s in sales, we understand that people are in some few cases more comfortable using websites from their desktop PC. We still focus on a mobile to desktop architecture but, we do not sacrifice anything in the web design process ensuring that the desktop UX (user experience) is just as engaging as other UX’s available to your users. We use the latest in web standards to accomplish these tasks. Alpha Omega Design keeps track of changes to standards and technologies that govern solid web design and web development.

Web Design/Development Portfolio


Carolina Theological Seminary (Re-Design)

  • Carolina Theological Seminary website screenshot

    Custom Web Design, Web Development, Responsive Design, Code Re-Factoring
    Carolina Theological Seminary is a valued client of ours and has been for 2 years. They came to us needing a fresh look for a web site we built 2 years ago. We redesigned the home page of the web site. Installed a better framework for the display of the site. We refactored lots of code to bring the site up to current standards and best practices. As a result the user sees a more functional and appealing web site that works even better on mobile than ever before. We were able dramatically increase the sites performance as a result of the process.

Woodhsed Ministries

  • Woodshed Ministries website screenshot

    Custom Web Design, Web Development, Responsive Design
    Woodshed Ministries is a startup ministry with the vision to reach domestic violence abusers. Through biblical teaching and counseling they hope to break the cycle of domestic violence in families in Asheville and WNC. With a need to have counselors, clients, and administrators to be able to share data we built a custom solution that will allow them to expand to the national ministry that God has called them to. This multi-phase project will allow Woodshed to achieve ROI while expending their ministry.

The Neighborhood Electrician

  • The Neighborhood Electrician Home Page

    Custom Web Design, Web Development, Responsive Design
    The Neighborhood Electrician came to Alpha Omega Design for a full re-branding of their existing business. Along with logo, print materials, uniform patches and vehicle wraps we built them a lean engaging website. They are already using mobile devices for estimating and payments on location so the responsiveness was important to them. We launched a high quality brand with minimal cost to the client in a reasonable amount of time

GeorgeAndCharlie.com (Madison Insurance)

  • GeorgeAndCharlie.com - Home

    Custom Web Design, Web Development, Mobile App Design, Mobile App Development
    GeorgeAndCharlie.com, aka Madison Insurance, hired us through a third party marketing agency. They had an established brand when they came to us and were in need of making their users experience more secure and easier to manage. We were able to setup SSL for their domain and integrate their brand into a flexible CMS theme. We also designed and developed a Mobile Web App for their users to easily update and manage their accounts. New users of the mobile app can easily get insurance quotes from multiple providers. With a location in Asheville, N.C. and a location in Mars Hill, NC users can easily call either one from the mobile app.

Black Visual

  • Black Visual

    Custom Web Design and Web Development
    Black Visual owner, Spencer Black, approached us to make some changes to a WordPress theme that he purchased to display his landscape photography. Spencer is the best landscape photographer that I have meet in years. With beautiful imagery from around WNC and the Smokey Mountains National Park, he provides high quality prints via his online store. He asked us if we could help him clean up the navigation area and make it more responsive on desktop devices since the theme targeted mobile devices first without allowing for standard navigation for desktop users. We were able to modify the theme using current standards to make the navigation beautiful and responsive like the rest of the site.

Kevin D. Alexander Inc.

  • Kevin D. Alexander Website

    Custom Web Design and Web Development
    Kevin D. Alexander Inc. provides financial and retirement solutions. Located in Christiansburg, Virginia, Knoxville, Tennessee, Asheville, North Carolina and servicing the eastern united states they have a wide range of clients. Endorsed by NFL quarterback, television personality, and computer software executive Fran Tarkenton this company is among the elite in financial and retirement services. This site was built with bleeding edge technologies from the ground up to ensure speed and usability.

America Resurrected

  • America Resurrected Website

    Custom Web Design and Web Development
    America Resurrected is a ministry located in Christiansburg, Virginia. Their calling is to lead Americans back to God through biblical preaching and teaching. They came to us in need of a site that could host the many videos that they produce from their speaking engagements throughout the country. We custom built them a responsive website theme for the popular WordPress CMS.

Trinity Baptist Church

  • Trinity Baptist Church - Web Design

    Custom Web Design and Web Development
    Trinity Baptist Church is a large ministry located in Asheville, NC. Alpha Omega Design was hired to help them re-design their old website. We actually started from scratch. We used the latest design and development techniques to give them a clean and approachable web site. With page load times less than 1/2 a second, users are sure to navigate the site at ease. Not only is it fast and looks good on your desktop but, it is fast and looks good on all your mobile devices as well.

Carolina Theological Seminary

  • Web Design and Development - Carolina Theological Seminary

    Custom Web Design and Web Development
    Carolina Theological Seminary is a Christian distance learning organization located in Conway, South Carolina. Their focus is everyone that is a believer of Christ. Their slogan, “We’re Not Just For Preachers” is at the core of their mission. They offer certificate, associate, and bachelor programs. We built them a custom site on a tight budget and short deadline. They were able to immediately start enrolling students and taking online payments.

The SketchUcator

  • Local Web Design and Development - The SketchUcator

    Web Design and Web Development
    The SketchUcator is an educational website designed to train people how to use Google’s SketchUp product. Using custom containers the site provides a streamlined solution for displaying the large number of video tutorials necessary to teach the courses. Alpha Omega Design was contracted through Asheville based company VDO2NET for the web design and branding.

The Pink Warrior Mustang

  • Web Development - The Pink Warrior Mustang

    Web Design and Web Development
    Alpha Omega Design helped out a local Western North Carolina charity by donating the labor required to build their website. The Pink Warrior Mustang is a cancer awareness and support tool. Les and Michele Dutcher, founders of The Pink Warrior Mustang, travel around the southeast united states raising funding and support for cancer research.

Custom Business Listings – AshevilleChannel.com

  • Web Development - BusinessListing

    Web Design and Web Development
    Alpha Omega Design custom developed a business listings section for AshevilleChannel.com that showcases local businesses and enables users to find information about those businesses. Alpha Omega Design utilized the large Google Places database of information to gather accurate real-time data about the businesses.


  • AshevilleChannel.com - Web Design

    Web Design and Web Development
    Alpha Omega Design assisted AshevilleChannel.com to morph an existing WooThemes template into a custom CMS that would have the features that were necessary to accomplish their goals, that were not included in the theme. We developed custom queries to display their videos in a carousel. We built everything on the home page that is below the slider. We also added a custom weather widget and designed the layout on the video pages.

Hearts With Hands™

  • Hearts With Hands™ - Web Design

    Web Design, Web Development, and Graphic Design
    Alpha Omega Design created a Custom WordPress site for Hearts With Hands™. This theme was designed, developed, and built by us. We have also been able to help Hearts With Hands™ build and develop a strong social media presence.

Sweetwater Youth Ranch

  • Sweetwater Youth Ranch - Web Design

    Web Design, Web Development, and Graphic Design
    We built a custom WordPress web site for this startup Youth Ranch. This site was designed, developed, and built by Alpha Omega Design. The site was built with a tight budget but, was developed in such a way as to allow for expansion as Sweetwater Youth Ranch expands.

Asheville Global Environmental

  • Asheville Global Environmental - Web Design

    Web Design, Web Development
    We designed and developed this custom site using WordPress CMS. This site has interactive features such as pop-in captions and accordion content areas. Using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery we ensured that this site would serve the customers need for the next 18 months (Recommended time for web site refresh). 

Pasta Fasta (Site no longer active)

  • Web Design - Pasta Fasta

    Web Design, Web Development
    Alpha Omega Design designed and built this custom website for this fast growing local restaurant. We enlisted the help of graphic designer Jessica Griffin for this project. They came to us with a solid idea of what they wanted and needed in a site and we were are to implement that for them. The custom menu pages allow users to easily view their menu items. This site was built using WordPress CMS so that the site could be easily managed.